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Dr. M. Fatih Hocaoğlu

M. Fatih Hocaoğlu, born in 1969, is married with two children.

He works on

  • air defense simulation system,
  • simulaion of command-control systems and agent programming,
  • developing agent drivent simulation language,
  • simulation task planning and operatng system development,
  • qualitative reasoning and simulation.

He has been graduate from;

  • Kabataş High-school,
  • İ.T.Ü. Sakarya Engineering Faculty, Dept of Industrial Engineering (BSE, 1991),
  • Y.T.Ü. Institute of Science, Dept of Industrial Engineering (MSE, 1994),
  • Sakarya Üniv. Institute of Science, Dept of Industrial Engineering (PhD, 2000).

He worked at Arizona University in 2001 as a post-doc researcher. He worked on modeling and simulation and developed software language and software applications.

He worked

  • in 1991—1992, at Uzman Bilişim Sistemleri Ltd,
  • in 1992—1997, at Karadeniz Technical University,
  • in 1997—2006, at Turkish National Science and Technology Council (TUBITAK), Marmara Research Center,
  • in 2006 —2009, at C Tech Information Technologies Inc.

Hocaoglu has been actively involved in a lot of civil and military projects. He has been honoured with M&SPCC (Modeling and Simulation Professional Certification Commission) and TUBITAK success award three times.

He is a faculty member at the Department of Industrial Engineering, Istanbul Medeniyet University since 2011.



The paper entitled "ADSiF, Agent-Based Simulation System and Model-Based Verification and Validation" (in Turkish) by M. Fatih Hocaoglu, İbrahim Genç and A. Arif Ergin has accepted for presentation and publication in National Symposium on Software Quality and Software Development Tools (YKGS-2010). The symposium will be held in 3 - 4 December, 2010 at Culture University Atakoy Campus.