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Work Areas

Agena Information and Defense Technologies LLC, as the name suggests, has been operating in Defense and IT industries and primarily aims servicing in the intersection region of both; the IT projects of defense industry. Thanks to advanced technology always pushed by the defense sector, the gained abilities and developments are benefited in the civil area too.

Basically, Agena BST, has been operating in the areas listed below with the expertise provided by deep experiences from the involved projects

* Modeling and simulation,
* Radar and sensor systems,
* Image processing applications.

Project Experiences

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Completed / participated projects by founding partners and advisors of our company in the field of defense, information and space technologies that are the driving forces of our country's technological know-how are listed below:

  • Modeling and simulation of air defense system,
  • Computation of RCS values of several sea and air platforms
  • Development of software applications performing RCS analysis,
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) simulation,
  • Development of microwave radar simulation,
  • Development of Agent Driven Simulation Framework,
  • Naval wargame simulation system,
  • Submarine simulation system,
  • Artillery fire control simulation system,
  • Optical radar anti-collision laser system ,
  • Hand-held multi sensor landmine detection system,
  • Border surveillance and control simulation system,
  • Agent (such as sensor, communicaiton system, weapon, platform etc) modeling,
  • Object detection and classification from images
  • Sensor coverage analysis and optimization
  • Analysing the effects of wind turbines on radars and communication systems
  • License Plate recognion application for city surveillance systems
  • License plate recognition applications for car access systems and for car parking lots.




AgenaIDT has been moved to Technopark-Istanbul, Pendik, Istanbul. It is the new technology center of Iatanbul. and located very near to Sabiha Gokcen International Airport.