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Simulation Solutions


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ADSiF, Agent Drivent Simulation Framework, provides a working environment to develop simulation software applications. It has also foundation model libraries needed for common simulation needs. It is a living project as a strategic and important tool for our working areas and it is continuously being developed and improved with internal funding. The current status of ADSiF is stable and applicable while new features are being added and the model library is being enriched.

ADSiF is a simulation engine supporting discrete and continuous event simulations. It addresses a wide range of users from system modeling and simulation experts to software developers or to field users without any software and/or simulation knowledge.  While ADSiF provides application programming interface and a simulation language with a state oriented programming paradigm for software developers, it also provides ready to use model libraries suitable for the application field (e.g. for a wargame sytem it contains weapons, platforms, radars, links' models etc.) for simulation or field experts.

ADSiF can be used for experimental design, training, engineering analyses and applications, war games, production planning and many other areas with modeling and simulation requirements and offers a easily customized approach for different needs.




The paper entitled "ADSiF, Agent-Based Simulation System and Model-Based Verification and Validation" (in Turkish) by M. Fatih Hocaoglu, İbrahim Genç and A. Arif Ergin has accepted for presentation and publication in National Symposium on Software Quality and Software Development Tools (YKGS-2010). The symposium will be held in 3 - 4 December, 2010 at Culture University Atakoy Campus.