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Radar Technologies

RCS Analysis software

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Today, for any platform or any long-range ammunitions  it is a necessity to reduce their visibility to the radar to improve the effectiveness on the combat area. Invisibility to radar, i.e. "stealth" studies, starts with the knowledge of RCS value of that platform. After the determinaiton of the RCS properties of a platform, the following measures can be developed:

  • For newly developed platforms, its shape/design could be changed,
  • Platforms coated with radar absorbing materials on their specific regions, or
  • Special run-up tactics can be developed for the platform.

With Radar Cross Section (RCS) analysis software,

  • Detection of strong scattering zones,
  • Determination of induced surface currents,
  • The effects of various materials and surface coatings,
  • Range profile extraction,
  • Reflection properties of polarimetric detection

can be made.

The techniques used in RCS analysis software

  • Combination of geometric optics and physical optics
  • Diffraction theory
  • Multiple reflections
  • Shadowing effects
  • Instant doppler effects



Our Ankara Cyberpark Technopark Branch began its activities. (June 01, 2010)