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RCS Services

RCS Training

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Agena BST is proud to share expertise on the radar cross section (RCS) with the industry. RCS is a measure of the radar visibility of an object, and it is a complex phenomenon depending on many parameters. Therefore, in order to inform every sector associated with radars, Agena BST has organized a training program.

Target group

The sectors that expected to benefit from the training:

  • military platform manufacturers - the design stage
  • The current platform holders - mission planning and operational stages
  • Materials, coatings and camouflage net manufacturers - product customization and implementation stages
  • radar operators - the performance of duty

People might have an engineering degree is preferred but not required.


Training content includes the following topics. Topics and content may be revised depending on the customer requirements.

  • Radar equation and the definition of RCS
  • Basic scattering mechanisms and regimes
  • RCS calculation methods
  • A simple calculation of RCS of objects (application)
  • Principle of Equivalence
  • scattering centers and the induced surface currents
  • RCS reduction techniques - I: Geometric Methods
  • radar absorbing materials and coatings
  • RCS reduction techniques - II: Coating methods
  • RCS detection according to the types of radars
  • Detection and false alarm probabilities


AgenaIDT has been moved to Technopark-Istanbul, Pendik, Istanbul. It is the new technology center of Iatanbul. and located very near to Sabiha Gokcen International Airport.